FlatOut 2

A fun and fast paced racing game that encourages users to hit the gas and crash into other racers causing mayhem

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    Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Racing fans who want to take a major step away from pristine speed machines will find a grittier world of driving, racing and smashing vehicles together with Bugbear’s FlatOut 2.

Many driving games tend to follow the same formula when it comes to developing a new title. While graphics may be updated and new cars and tracks added to each game that is released, it is not often that players are presented with a new twist when it comes to getting into the driver’s seat of a virtual car. If you love driving games and are ready to move away from the racing games that have dominated the genre and to enter the gritty underworld of full-contact driving, FlatOut 2 may be the perfect title to add to your library.

Bugbear’s FlatOut 2 does offer a few traditional racing styles, but most players are going to flock to this game in order to crash vehicles together and carry out gravity-defying stunts in vehicles ranging from old beaters to modern racecars. Players can choose to go head-to-head against opponents or to move through a series of derbies, races and challenges in order to become one of the most renowned drivers in the gritty underworld of FlatOut 2. This includes all the favorites such as big air stunts, demolition derbies, figure-eight races and dirt track racing.

Overall, the style and controls are exceptionally similar to those featured in the original title and in racing games such as Burnout. Players choose their vehicles and then customize them before heading into any number of matches locally or online. The primary change between FlatOut 2 and the original is the sheer amount of vehicles and tracks. Along with the traditional beat-up derby vehicles, players can also choose from a wide variety of newer racecars with larger engines and supposedly better handling. Each car is defined by attributes such as acceleration, top speed, weight, durability and handling.

The players who will really enjoy this game are the ones who are in it for exciting crashes, jumps and spills. As with the original FlatOut game, each vehicle has a huge variety of damaged parts and exciting graphics that make each match both challenging and eye-catching. This recent release does begin to move away from the pack of more traditional racing games, but when it comes do derby-style games, the mechanics and overall design are familiar. If you enjoyed the original FlatOut or Burnout, you will likely enjoy this title as well.


  • New vehicles and tracks
  • New class of vehicles
  • Excellent graphics and physics for vehicle damage
  • New match types


  • Few variations or new features when compared to similar derby games
  • New mini-games are bland
  • Quirky and dark commentary of original title removed

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